“After five years of meeting peers from Southern Africa the launch of the Southern African Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum is another historical moment in the history of African Philanthropy. As a Collaborative the SACGLF will reinforce the tradition of African Philanthropy and amplify the voices of Southern African Community Grantmakers.” Says Inviolatta Moyo Executive Committee of the newly incorporated SACGLF and delegate from Zimbabwe…

Following in the footsteps of the African Grantmakers Network the Southern African Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum was launched on Saturday 21 November 2010 at the final retreat of the Southern African Community Grantmakers Leadership Cooperative held in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Southern Africa Community Grantmakers Leadership Cooperative, an initiative of the Synergos Institute that was started in December 2005 and  for the past five (5) years brought together leaders of community grantmaking organisations in a knowledge-sharing and peer-learning partnership to strengthen social justice philanthropy in Southern Africa founded.

The constitution of the Southern Africa Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum (SACGLF) was confirmed at the meeting and aims to enhance the growth and sustainability of the independent development funding sector in the region by developing the knowledge and capacity of leadership personnel, with a special focus on sustainability and governance issues.

The SACGLF brings together thirty (30) leaders from Community Foundations in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Membership is open to all Community Grantmakers in Southern Africa.

The Objectives of SACGLF is:

  • Promoting capacity building, learning and development amongst grantmaking organisations that are focused on community development,
  • Exchanging knowledge, information, strategies and tools aimed at building organizational sustainability in support of community development, and
  • Advocating for appropriate legislation, practices, policies and other interventions that will enhance grantmaking practices that will benefit community development.

 “SACGLF will collaborate with The African Grantmakers Network and with the Global Fund for Community Grantmakers to change the face of Global Philanthropy and will increase visibility and knowledge of Africa around the world” says Beulah Fredericks, newly elected Chairperson of the Forum. Her sentiments resonate with that of Dr Gerry Salole, Chief Executive of the European Foundation Centre, Brussels. In his note of encouragement and support he wrote “I am thrilled to hear that the Southern African Community Grant makers Leadership Forum have been launched.  It is invigorating to see the Forum join the ranks of the rapidly blossoming philanthropic infrastructure in Africa”.

Jenny Hodgson, Executive Director of the Global Fund for Community Foundations added her congratulations: “This is an exciting development in region with a very dynamic and diverse field of local Grantmakers. The Global Fund for Community Foundations looks forward to collaborating with SACGLF in strengthening both the practice and the voice of this important – and yet often overlooked – area of the development field.”

To learn more about the SACGLF, please contact Beulah Fredericks, Chairperson, by email at or phone at +2721 7618339


About duchatnoir13

The Southern African Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum (SACGLF) is a unique, dynamic partnership that harnesses the collective capacity of 23 independent development trusts and community grantmakers. The Cooperative was launched in 2005 to advance, build and strengthen sustainable community-based development in Southern Africa. With a growing membership of 35 grantmaker leaders, the Cooperative is a leadership and learning network committed to social justice grantmaking as a powerful vehicle for change.
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